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Moving To Brick And Mortar June 3, 2010

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I decided it was more efficient if I move some of my products to brick and mortar. I make all sorts of little food charms. So I thought it would be a good idea to meet with some local bakeries to carry my items in their shop. I had a meeting set up for a shop called Rinaldos Bakery. So I got on his website and make a mini replica of one of the cakes from his website.  I must say I was a little nervous about the meeting. The morning of the meeting I gathered all my goodies and set out for his bakery. Turns out the John (the owner) was very nice and made me feel at ease.  I showed him the sample I had made for him. He was pretty much sold at that point. He decided to order 10 of them to start out with. So being the salesperson I am I had decided to make 30 so he had a variety to choose from. The day that I took them into his bakery I was so excited. I layed out all the items I had for him to choose from. They were all just to cute to resist that he ended up buying all of them. I was ecstatic. I won’t say how much I made but I was a great deal for him. Also now it makes it easier for me to set up meeting with other bakeries around my area. I had a meeting on Saturday and another meeting tomorrow.  I will say that I would like to expand a little bit further. I am hoping to sell some of my hair flair in local beauty salons. I have a few samples that I am going to take into a beauty salon close to my house. It is a great and exciting new adventure for me and I am excited to share it whomever wishes to read my blog. Good luck to whomever decides to do the same as me. Rinaldos Bakery website is:


Raffle Sale! March 30, 2010

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I decided to have a raffle sale on my etsy sight.

What that includes is every time you purchase an item from my shop your name will get put into a raffle. Once I reach 20 sales, from the time I start the raffle, then I will draw a winner. The winning raffle will get $15 worth of FREE merchandise from my shop with FREE shipping!!! How great is that? So hurry for your chance to get free goodies from me! It also includes any custom orders as well.  If you have any questions then feel free to send me an e-mail at or send me a conversation on my etsy.


February 17, 2010

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I have always considered myself a crafty and creative person. Even growing up. It fascinates me how so many people can have so many different and unique talents. Most of the time they go unnoticed.

This Is My Story

I like to work on any of my art that I can with friends. So needless to say when I am feeling up for it I visit a friend and take my supplies along with me.

About a year ago a friend and I were looking for something fun and crafty to do. We were looking for something we had never experimented with before. We browsed around on the internet for different ideas. She found a craft that she loved. She now uses resin, which I have yet to damper in yet. From what I have seen  her do it looks very tricky to use.

I have always wanted to work with clay but thought it was to messy. Until I found out about polymer clay. It is great and very easy to use. I saw all these different items being made out of it as well. Although there was one particular genre that I found the most fun. That is making little foods.

So I thought to myself “Hey, I can do that!”. So I decided to go down to my local craft store and pick up just a few blocks of clay. When I got home I was so excited and was having trouble deciding on what to make first. I looked for what might be the easiest to do. Then I saw the cupcakes. Oh, they are so much fun! There is an unlimited amount of things you could add or do with them. So my very first charm I ever made was a cupcake with red icing and white polka dots. I still have that little charm and it will be the only one that I will never sell.

I eventually started getting better and better at making the little foods. I got compliments on them all the time and was told that I should try and sell them. I never thought that anyone would actually like to buy them but I was wrong. People love them! A friend told me about a site called etsy. So I decided to set up an account and get started. Now I haven’t had much luck on there but there is also a lot of competition on that site. A lot of people sell the same kinds of items as I do.

One day a friend of a friend told me about an art store close to where I used to live that does consignment. Then I thought maybe it was about time that I branch out a little bit. I gathered all my and headed to Baltimore. I was not the only person that had taken my things to this art store though. It didn’t bother me though because there were some wonderful pieces of artwork in there. The owner was very friendly and decided to take all of my things. So you can imagine how very excited I was. Not just because she took all my items but because my things were actually going to be sold in a little shop.

Since then I have moved to Dayton and I am looking for some places that might do the same thing for me here. I have slipped away for a little while from making anything. But I am ready to jump full for back into making some fun new pieces. I anyone has any suggestions then feel free to voice your opinion. I have pictures on here of all my items or you can go to my etsy at

I take custom orders! If you have any questions or comments then feel free to e-mail me at