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Delicious Treats February 20, 2010

I have delicious treats for sale!!! Although they may look edible, I assure you that they are not. So please if you buy any then don’t try to eat them. No matter how yummy they may look.

I have a jewelry line called “Make Them Say Yum Yum” by me (Missy Eastman). They range anywhere from cupcakes to corn on the cobb. I take custom orders so if you are interested you can order from my site at:

Here is a list of all the prices:

Bracelets – $6

Necklaces With Charms – $10

Charms – $5

Earrings – $4

Rings – $8

Keychains – $5 – $10

Certain items have higher prices depending on what the item is. So please contact me if you have any question you can contact me at:

More Items Coming Soon!!


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