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Hair Flair February 21, 2010

Welcome to my hair accessories page! This is a list of prices and pictures of all my hair accessories I have so far. I can make just about anything you might have in mind. Feel free to e-mail me at with any items that you may want that are listed. You can also e-mail with anything that I may be able to make you. In the listings prices below when it says “custom charm” that means anything that made be added to it or anything I may have to make to add to it.  Here is a list of prices:

Dog Hair Bows (set of 2 small) – $3

Dog Hair Bow (set of 2 small with custom charm) – $5

Large Hair Bow – $3

Large Hair Bow (with custom charm) – $6

Small Hair Bow – $2

Small Hair Bow (with custom charm) – $5

Headband – $5

Headband (with custom charm) – $10

Custom Made Top Hat – $10

Small Hair Flower – $4

Small Hair Flower (with custom charm) – $6

Large Hair Flower – $6

Large Hair Flower (with custom charm) – $8

Wedding Hair Flower – $15

Wedding Hair Flower (with custom charm) – $25

Infant Hair Clips (set of 2) – $4

Infant Hair Clips (set of 2 with custom charm) – $6

Please note prices may vary!

Mor Items Coming Soon!!


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